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pub struct AO;

Library owner.

Initialization of this object loads plugins and system/user configuration files. There must be only one instance of this object live at a given time.

Behind the scenes, this object controls initialization of libao. It should be created only from the main thread of your application, due to bugs in some output drivers that can cause segfaults on thread exit.


impl AO

fn init() -> AO

Get the AO

fn get_driver<'a>(&'a self, name: &str) -> Option<Driver<'a>>

Gets the specified output driver or default.

name specifies the name of the output driver to use, or pass the null string ("") to get the default driver.

Returns None if the driver is not available.

The default driver may be specified by the user or system configuration, otherwise it will be automatically chosen to be a live output supported by the current platform. This implies that the default driver will not necessarily be a live output.

Trait Implementations

impl Drop for AO

fn drop(&mut self)