Struct audiostream::CopyChannel [] [src]

pub struct CopyChannel<F, S> {
    // some fields omitted

Make a copy of a specified channel.

The source channel may be any index, and the destination may be an existing channel (in which case the original data is lost) or one more than the highest valid channel (in which case a new channel is created).

Due to mutability requirements for channel data, this always makes a copy.


impl<F: Sample, S> CopyChannel<F, S> where S: Source<Output=F>

fn new(from: usize, to: usize, source: S) -> CopyChannel<F, S>

Create a new CopyChannel.

Trait Implementations

impl<F: Sample, S: Source<Output=F>> Source for CopyChannel<F, S>

type Output = F

fn next<'a>(&'a mut self) -> SourceResult<'a, F>