Struct audiostream::UninitializedSource [] [src]

pub struct UninitializedSource<F> {
    // some fields omitted

A source of uncontrolled samples.

Owns buffers that get passed down through a pipeline, providing no guarantees about what's in the buffer beyond that it's safe to read and write.

This struct is used internally by most synthesis sources, and is generally not useful to library users. It may be useful, however, for building custom sources.


impl<F: Sample> UninitializedSource<F>

fn new(size: usize) -> UninitializedSource<F>

Create a source of uncontrolled samples.

The yielded buffers will have size items.

Trait Implementations

impl<F> MonoSource for UninitializedSource<F>

type Output = F

fn next<'a>(&'a mut self) -> Option<&'a mut [F]>

fn adapt(self) -> MonoAdapter<Self::Output, Self>