Trait audiostream::Sink [] [src]

pub trait Sink {
    fn run_once(&mut self) -> Option<()>;

    fn run(&mut self, term_cond: &AtomicBool) { ... }

A thing.

Required Methods

fn run_once(&mut self) -> Option<()>

Process a single buffer.

Returns Some if there will be more buffers to process, or None otherwise.

Provided Methods

fn run(&mut self, term_cond: &AtomicBool)

Process buffers indefinitely, until end of stream or terminated.

As long as term_cond is true and there are buffers available, this will process buffers. If term_cond is cleared, no additional buffers will be processed and the function returns.

If term_cond is never modified, this is equivalent to repeatedly calling run_once until it returns None.