Struct rand::Closed01 [] [src]

pub struct Closed01<F>(pub F);

A wrapper for generating floating point numbers uniformly in the closed interval [0,1] (including both endpoints).

Use Open01 for the closed interval (0,1), and the default Rand implementation of f32 and f64 for the half-open [0,1).


use rand::{random, Closed01};

let Closed01(val) = random::<Closed01<f32>>();
println!("f32 from [0,1]: {}", val);

Trait Implementations

impl Rand for Closed01<f64>

fn rand<R: Rng>(rng: &mut R) -> Closed01<f64>

impl Rand for Closed01<f32>

fn rand<R: Rng>(rng: &mut R) -> Closed01<f32>