Struct rand::OsRng [] [src]

pub struct OsRng {
    // some fields omitted

A random number generator that retrieves randomness straight from the operating system. Platform sources:

This does not block.


impl OsRng

fn new() -> Result<OsRng>

Create a new OsRng.

Trait Implementations

impl Rng for OsRng

fn next_u32(&mut self) -> u32

fn next_u64(&mut self) -> u64

fn fill_bytes(&mut self, v: &mut [u8])

fn next_f32(&mut self) -> f32

fn next_f64(&mut self) -> f64

fn gen<T: Rand>(&mut self) -> T

fn gen_iter<'a, T: Rand>(&'a mut self) -> Generator<'a, T, Self>

fn gen_range<T: PartialOrd + SampleRange>(&mut self, low: T, high: T) -> T

fn gen_weighted_bool(&mut self, n: u32) -> bool

fn gen_ascii_chars<'a>(&'a mut self) -> AsciiGenerator<'a, Self>

fn choose<'a, T>(&mut self, values: &'a [T]) -> Option<&'a T>

fn shuffle<T>(&mut self, values: &mut [T])