Struct rand::XorShiftRng [] [src]

pub struct XorShiftRng {
    // some fields omitted

An Xorshift[1] random number generator.

The Xorshift algorithm is not suitable for cryptographic purposes but is very fast. If you do not know for sure that it fits your requirements, use a more secure one such as IsaacRng or OsRng.

[1]: Marsaglia, George (July 2003). "Xorshift RNGs". Journal of Statistical Software. Vol. 8 (Issue 14).


impl XorShiftRng

fn new_unseeded() -> XorShiftRng

Creates a new XorShiftRng instance which is not seeded.

The initial values of this RNG are constants, so all generators created by this function will yield the same stream of random numbers. It is highly recommended that this is created through SeedableRng instead of this function

Trait Implementations

impl Rng for XorShiftRng

fn next_u32(&mut self) -> u32

fn next_u64(&mut self) -> u64

fn next_f32(&mut self) -> f32

fn next_f64(&mut self) -> f64

fn fill_bytes(&mut self, dest: &mut [u8])

fn gen<T: Rand>(&mut self) -> T

fn gen_iter<'a, T: Rand>(&'a mut self) -> Generator<'a, T, Self>

fn gen_range<T: PartialOrd + SampleRange>(&mut self, low: T, high: T) -> T

fn gen_weighted_bool(&mut self, n: u32) -> bool

fn gen_ascii_chars<'a>(&'a mut self) -> AsciiGenerator<'a, Self>

fn choose<'a, T>(&mut self, values: &'a [T]) -> Option<&'a T>

fn shuffle<T>(&mut self, values: &mut [T])

impl SeedableRng<[u32; 4]> for XorShiftRng

fn reseed(&mut self, seed: [u32; 4])

fn from_seed(seed: [u32; 4]) -> XorShiftRng

impl Rand for XorShiftRng

fn rand<R: Rng>(rng: &mut R) -> XorShiftRng

Derived Implementations

impl Clone for XorShiftRng

fn clone(&self) -> XorShiftRng

fn clone_from(&mut self, source: &Self)